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Gaia's Way Cannabis Circles are a full sensory self-love experience for women. It is a place for women to gather and support one another while uncovering a deeper connection to themselves and Spirit. Gaia's Way Cannabis Circles are plant medicine ceremonies that use the Cannabis flower, movement, music, and meditation to assist in elevated awareness and energetic self-healing.

My mission with Gaia's Way Cannabis Circles is to provide a safe space for women to leave their duties and commitments at the door and come into sacred communion with themselves, the Earth, and women of the community. This is a space where you can safely explore the boundaries of your mind, heart, and soul.


Here, you are not only welcome but encouraged, to let go of any stress, tension, or trauma that may be stored or stuck in the mind and body. This experience is intended to further align you to the truth of who you are.  

Why Cannabis?

Cannabis possesses a real potential to heal and is far more lenient on our nervous systems than other plant medicines. Cannabis can be considered a psychedelic, and when intentionally used as such, it has the ability to show up like the more well known psychedelic medicines such as, psilocybin mushrooms, LSD, Ayahuasca, or DMT. Psychedelics are substances that, when used appropriately, can heighten cognition, expand consciousness, and raise awareness.
Undergoing a psychedelic journey is not for the faint of heart. It takes a considerable amount of courage and a well-crafted skillset in order to navigate these waters with a sense of grace.
Although Cannabis has the ability to take on some of the same characteristics as the "heavier" psychedelic medicines, it is gentler in nature and therefore, allows for more agency within the medicine space.
When intentions to partake in Cannabis are aligned with the path of self-growth and the "set and setting" are met with care, then the Cannabis experience holds profound healing potential.


5% of all proceeds will be donated to Earth Day Network. An organization committed to diversify, educate and activate the environmental movement worldwide.

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