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Megan has a background in Psychology and is a certified Transformational Coach specializing in Plant Medicine preparation and integration. She is 200 HR Yoga certified in the Sri Vidya Himalayan Tantric
tradition, Reiki certified, certified Sound Healer, and is currently studying under Daniel McQueen's Medicinal Mindfulness Program for Psychedelic-Assisted therapy and guide training.


Megan strives to live each day in accordance to her inner guidance system and finds great joy in helping others uncover their own unique guidance. Her mission is to help clients fulfill their deepest desires and gain true autonomy in order to live empowered, authentic, and passionate lives. Her approach to coaching is comprehensive; believing there are many pathways on the healing journey.


Those that work with Megan can expect a holistic experience, exploring the boundaries of the mind, body, spirit and their connection to one another. She offers a relationship to clients that is judgment-free and rooted in love.

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