Frequently asked questions

Who are you here to serve?

Gaia's Way is here to serve women who are thirsty for more connection in their life. Helping women connect to their roots and community via Conscious Cannabis Ceremonies and aligning them to higher purpose and joy with Gaia's Way Coaching.

What is your mission?

Gaia's Way's mission is to encourage women to be the light of their world and live an inspired life full of joy and connection. I aspire to align women to their ultimate desires by giving them the tools they need to become deliberate creators of their life. Gaia's Way is devoted to reminding women that their life is sacred and full of exquisite wonder. Guiding women into a profoundly loving and ever-evolving relationship to themselves is my highest honor and purpose in this lifetime. A deeply connected woman who knows her worth can change the world as we know it. With the current state of affairs that our world is in, we need as many women connected to their light as possible.

What should I bring to a Gaia's Way Cannabis Ceremony?

Bring an open heart a yoga mat, blanket, pillow, water, and anything else to create a comfortable laying down experience. I would also recommend a journal, eyeshade/pillow shade and any crystals you would like to use or leave at the alter. If you are planning on smoking cannabis: Bring a clean/unclogged pipe. (I will have some extra if you do not have one). Bring .5-1 g of your favorite high-quality cannabis blend or click here for information on how to make a psychedelic blend.

What can I expect at a Gaia's Way Cannabis Ceremony?

The night will start off with some movement exercises to get energy flowing in the body. We will then open the ceremony and set sacred space. There will be a short imbibing ritual in which, you will be invited to take in the healing Cannabis medicine. You will then be guided into a somatic body scan meditation to allow for greater body awareness. (Body awareness is key to energy healing and we'll go over this before the ceremony). Next, you will go on a musically guided self-exploration journey. Music will vary based on the energetic shifts throughout the year. The music component is a carefully curated playlist that can range from gentle and light to evocative and tribal. Finally, you will be gently guided back with loving affirmations. We will close the ceremony and share our experiences over light snacks.

Can I bring a friend to Gaia's Way Cannabis Ceremony?

Yes of course! Make sure your friend is 21 or over and have them log on to the Gaia's Way website to purchase a ticket and fill out the participation forms.