How to make a Psychedelic Cannabis Blend

This information has been handed down by my teacher Daniel McQueen. You can find him at or get a copy of his book, Psychedelic Cannabis: Breaking The Gate, where you will find this information and much more. 

To make a psychedelic Cannabis blend, you will want to include three basic strains of equal proportions (1/3 Sativa, 1/3 Indica, 1/3 hybrid).

Make sure to use a scale when dividing the Cannabis because some strains are denser than others and looks can be deceiving. 



For those of you who are new to Cannabis and/or psychedelic healing, start with a strain that you are already familiar with. This is really a wonderful way to start this practice. By using a strain we are already familiar with, we can feel more at ease within the medicine space. As you become familiar with the practice and the sensations that arise, you might feel inclined to try other blends. Healing is not a race. Take it slow. 


Create a two or a three-part blend of opposites.

Look for a strong Sativa to pair with a strong Indica. Allow your nose to lead the way. Our bodies are very wise and what smells good to you might be just what you need. Make a 50/50 blend with a single strong Sativa strain and a single strong Indica strain. 


If you would like to take it up a notch, add a hybrid that appeals to you and create a 1:1:1 blend. Mix 1/3 of each strain into the blend. 




Level three involves creating a more complex blend. You will use the same formula of a 1:1:1 ratio but you will combine multiple strains to each. So you may mix 2 strains of Sativa, 2 strains of Indica, and 2 strains of a hybrid. You may play around with as many strains as you like here (adding up to 3 strains each or more) but keep the 1:1:1 ratio in mind. 


Remain curious and playful when creating your psychedelic blend. There are many different strains of Cannabis and finding the perfect blend for you may take time.

  • Look for highly potent strains and combine them with their opposites.  Combining a potent Sativa and Indica will allow you to go deeper into the medicine space. The heavy Indica will offset any anxiety from the Sativa and a Heavy Sativa will ward off any sleepiness from the Indica. 

ex/ Find a high alert, anxiety-producing Sativa and pair it with an extremely potent, deeply relaxing, and grounding Indica. (Talk to your budtender if you are unsure about the potency of a strain).

  • Use your sense of smell to guide you. What smells good to you is an indication that you will react well to it. 

  •  Continue to tweak your blend until you have created one just right for you. If you have come across a blend that you like but there is just a bit of anxiety lingering, then add more Indica to the ratio. Maybe you like the blend but you're feeling a little sleepy, then add more Sativa. The ratio is a guideline but you can tweak the blend to your liking once you begin to get familiar with blending the medicine.