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Intuitive Movement

Updated: Sep 21, 2018

The role of movement on your physical and emotional health.

The body is designed to heal itself. Day and night it’s hard at work repairing and rejuvenating millions of cells while you go about your day. But in order to optimize healing on the cellular level you have to listen to your body. It is constantly attempting to communicate with you.

One way to communicate with your body is through movement. When you move, you release built up stress and tension that gets stored within muscle tissue and fascia. Think of a child, or yourself when you were younger. When children are stressed or need to release energy they engage in all sorts of funky movement through play. Children are very in-tune with their bodies. They know when they’re full, they know when something’s emotionally off, and they know when they need to move. As we get older we become conditioned to behave in a certain way. We can’t just get on the floor and start rolling around in the office every time we meet a challenge. That’s why it’s so important to set aside time for intuitive movement wherever and whenever you can.

Emotions are simply energy in motion. They move through us like weather moves through the sky. However, emotional trauma gets stored in the body when not dealt with accordingly.

Intuitive movement is a way to get these stored emotions out of our system.

Don’t let dis-ease turn into disease. Listen to your body and MOVE!

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