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Transformational Work

Updated: Sep 30, 2018

What is transformational work: and how does one achieve transformation?

Transformational work is a process in which one dedicates themselves to an unveiling lifestyle. A person going through this process is ready to look at themselves from every angle. There is no stone left un-turned in true transformational work. One must acknowledge both the light and dark parts of themselves. 

Transformational work is like taking the "red pill." It's neither good or bad, it's simply taking a neutral position that will lead you to your ultimate truth. It will allow you to see yourself from an observers perspective. You will work through shortcomings, attachments, and personal stories that no longer serve you. You will gain important life skills, character development, and a loving relationship to self.

This path is not absolved from pain and this work is not always easy. The path to transformation will meet you with many challenges and will consistently push you to look at your own reflection, even when it seems too much to bear. 

That being said, the rewards of walking the transformed path far outweigh the luxuries of denial. 

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