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Psychedelic Integration: 



 Psychedelics are a hot topic these days.  If you yourself, haven't experienced psychedelics, you might be thinking, what is it about these substances that's drawing so many people in? While there are many reasons why someone might be attracted to psychedelics, I believe that the rise of interest has been brought on by two main motives; a deeper understanding of self and change.


 A deeper understanding:

Many individuals are approaching psychedelics with the intention to understand themselves more fully.  You will hear the term entheogen, often, in place of the word psychedelic. An entheogen is a newly expressed word comprised of two ancient Greek words entheos and genesthai. Entheos translates to "inspired or full of God," and genesthai translates to "come into being." When combined, entheogen can be seen as "Inspiration from God within."  We are turning to these entheogens as a way to connect to our inner-knowing or wisdom and we are healing through this connection. These entheogenic medicines assist us in stripping away the conditioned and egoic mind in order to see ourselves exactly as we are. When we see the truth of who we are, there is no need for defense mechanisms, we drop the victim role, we have more compassion for ourselves  and others and we begin to cultivate a relationship with our inner truth. Entheogens obliterate false stories and shine light on what is real. These medicines allow us to lift the veil of illusion within ourselves as well as the world around us, deepening our understanding of the universe at large. 




Aside from discovering a deeper understanding of self and the world we live in, people are seeking entheogens for change. Whether it be a subtle or acute change that someone is looking to make in their life, these medicines can point us in the right direction. Change is likely to happen around these experiences, due to the effects that entheogens have on our brains. Psychedelics such as Psilocybin, Ayahuasca, DMT, Iboga/ Ibogaine, LSD, and Cannabis create neuroplasticity in our brains, which sets the stage for new habits to form.

Although entheogens have the potential to change lives, they do not change lives on their own. The psychedelic experience is only the tip of the iceberg. Integration is absolutely necessary for positive long-term change within the psychedelic journey.  



What is Psychedelic Integration?

Psychedelic integration is the process following an entheogenic experience, in which, an individual cultivates a deep understanding for that which unfolds during the medicine space. During this time, insights and realizations that occurred during the entheogenic experience are combed through and directly applied to the individual's waking/everyday life. In essence, psychedelic integration is the interweaving of the intelligence of the medicine, one's highest state of consciousness, and one's waking consciousness in order to cultivate long-term positive change and reap the greatest rewards from a medicine journey. 



Why is Psychedelic Integration Coaching important?

Psychedelic Integration Coaching holds the client within a heightened state of awareness that is cultivated within the medicine space, in order to stay in the process and create lasting change. It is not always easy to comprehend, let alone, apply the insights and downloads that are received during the medicine space into one's life.  Going home after any revolutionary experience, such as a psychedelic journey, can be an overwhelming affair if one does not have the proper tools in their toolbox.  

Talking to someone that has extensive knowledge and personal experience in non-ordinary states of consciousness is invaluable. Psychedelic Integration Coaching is a safe and judgment-free space, to explore emotions, learn appropriate self-care practices, and bring the entire entheogenic experience into more clarity. 

As a psychedelic Integration coach, I will help you map out your goals, daily commitments, and action plans so that, you can stay within your process of integration. Together, we will bridge the wisdom gained from the medicine space and apply it to multiple levels of your life. Psychedelic Integration Coaching will help you up-level your life by optimizing your entheogenic journey.

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Psychedelic Preparation: 



Psychedelic preparation coaching is highly encouraged for those who are looking to experience an entheogenic journey for transformation.  These medicines are not to be taken lightly, they have the potential to transform your life but as you know, good things do not come easily. Entheogens can be very challenging at times. You might not always feel comfortable within the medicine space. In fact, at certain points along the journey, these medicines have the potential to "drop you to your knees" with the amount of distress you may feel. This is not to discourage you from using psychedelics, but it is of the highest importance to me, that you understand the power of these medicines before embarking on your transformational journey. There is a sliding scale of emotions that you can experience within the medicine space, ranging from elation to absolute despair and everything in between. In some aspects, participating in an entheogenic journey is like experiencing a lifetime of emotions in the confines of several hours. There is a lot to learn and experience in a lifetime and there is a lot to learn and experience within a medicine journey.


If you are curious about these medicines and their profound life-changing effects, then I am here to support you in this process.  You will be given the tools you need to be open during this experience, release resistance, and slay the ugly dragons. You will obtain a sense of grace, to be present for the sweeter moments and courage, to be the hero in your psychedelic journey and beyond.  Psychedelic preparation coaching will allow you to come into these experiences feeling empowered and confident in your ability to navigate these uncharted realms.